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The Biblical Wild is an interactive bible study for individuals, small groups, neighborhoods, and congregations where we will journey into the wilds of Holy Scripture through daily readings of the Old Testament and Psalms and weekly video reflections presented by the Rt. Rev. Todd Ousley, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan.



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The Biblical Wild involves a daily reading of scripture. In the first year, it will cover all of the Old Testament and the Psalms. Click on the following links to download reading schedules for your use.

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Week XXVII: Job 10-27, Psalms 149-4

Throughout this month, we will explore biblical books of poetry and wisdom - Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs.

The Book of Job explores the most painful and unavoidable questions of the human experience: what is the meaning of arbitrary suffering? And why do bad things happpen to good people?

Questions -

1 - What is the real source of your faith and strength?

2 - What most challenges your faith?

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